Message from the Pastor:The PPP’s Keep Rolling Along


A while back, I wrote to tell you about the projects we have taken on here at the church while we have not been worshipping in the building.  The kitchen project is nearly complete!  It was an enormous undertaking, as we not only painted the room but put as many things as possible on wheels to facilitate more natural cleaning in the future.  Every dish, pan, pot, and cup has been washed, and a few of them have been put back in new places to help with ease of use.  Todd Sample cleaned each ceiling tile, so the room shines.  I’m confident the next time you use the kitchen, you will be pleased with all of the effort put in to freshen it up!

The oak doors at the front of the church have been sanded, stained, re-finished, and hung.  As soon as we get a volunteer to re-install the door closing mechanisms, we can call that project done.  A huge thanks to Dave Clark for his hours and hours of effort!

As with many projects in our homes, these PPP (Pastor’s Pandemic Projects) tend to snowball.  Dave Clark is now working on the same process he employed to restore the front oak doors on the double doors of the music room.  The sun beats in from across the hall on those doors as it does at the front entrance of the church, so those doors needed restoration.  The next set of doors to be restored will be the double doors leading from the narthex to the hallway leading to the fellowship hall.  Dave Clark has identified further wood restoration projects, so be looking for more information as those projects move forward.

We have a couple of scouts working to fulfill volunteer service hours, and they are doing a wonderful job of attending to removing debris from where the bushes had been along the east side of the building, and taking care of some other landscaping needs.  Soon Roger Ramsey will be removing the stumps of the old bushes, and in the fall, new landscape material will be laid, and new plantings added.

Look in next week’s newsletter for information on new staff.

Rev. Don