July 5, 2020 Drive-In Worship Service

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Welcome Good morning!  I’m Pastor Don Gotham, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to our worship service this Sunday.  The mission of our church is “Inviting people to rely on Jesus to find unexpected purpose, … Read More

Message from Rev. Don – Another Altered Holiday

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This weekend our nation celebrates Father’s Day.  This year, our celebration will be altered from our usual celebrations (although not as altered as Mother’s Day was).  We’ve had lots and lots of altered days since … Read More

Weekly Devotional – “Words”

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I have always been amazed at how words can move us. They can make us laugh or they can make us cry.  I loved English classes in high school and would have pursued teaching if … Read More

June 21 – DRIVE-IN Worship!!

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On June 21st, at 10am, we will hold our first “Drive-In” Worship Service!! You will have the choice of remaining in their vehicles, or bringing lawn chairs to sit in while we worship, and remain … Read More

Weekly Devotional – “A New Lamp”

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I have been staring at this box, walking around this box, tripping over this box, and avoiding this box for a while now.  The box contains a new floor lamp.  I felt I needed this … Read More