At Utica UMC we value heartfelt servanthood. We support one another and seek to show our neighbors the love Christ was sent to share.

Are you curious about your gifts and how you might use your gifts to serve?

Spiritual gifts are given by the Holy Spirit to every believer.  We use these gifts to glorify God. To learn more about spiritual gifts or to take the online spiritual gifts survey, please check out the links below.

Our congregation strives to purposefully grow disciples of Jesus Christ by loving and serving the garden we call our community.

As we sow Christ’s love, we gain a deeper understanding of true discipleship and grow and blossom into maturing followers of Christ. The fruit of our labor will be a bountiful harvest of disciples who lead others to discover the purpose, peace, and joy Jesus offers for everyone.

How might you serve?  Is there something below that interests you?

Our ministries and activities are organized into 4 areas – Connect, Worship, Grow, and Serve.   These areas offer ways for people to become involved in the life of our church. If you are interested in serving in any of the areas below, please reach out to someone involved in the area or contact the church office for assistance.