Message from Rev. Don – Another Altered Holiday


This weekend our nation celebrates Father’s Day.  This year, our celebration will be altered from our usual celebrations (although not as altered as Mother’s Day was).  We’ve had lots and lots of altered days since Covid-19 set up shop among us.  The way we’ve had to alter our lives and Father’s Day has caused me to reflect a bit.

Technology has afforded me the luxury of staying regularly connected to our daughter and her family.  I’m grateful for how I can spend time video chatting with our grandchildren, especially when I think of how, when I was a child, that was only possible in the cartoon, “The Jetsons.”  I’ve been able to tell our grand-babies, “I Love You,” while looking at their faces.  I’m so grateful for this blessing.

To honor me for Father’s Day, our daughter and son-in-law have placed a brick in a walk at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.  I can’t think of a more thoughtful and meaningful gift.  In the Father’s Day card that came in the mail today, our daughter wrote of how she hopes it becomes safe for me to get to Cedar Point this year, and that I will recognize the brick right away.  The gift is so meaningful to me because of all of the years Elise and I had season passes to Cedar Point, and of our frequent trips there.  So much of life was talked about on those trips.  I wouldn’t trade those times for anything!

As I thought of Father’s Day and the way life has been altered because of Covid-19, I think of how grateful I took the time and put in the effort to build a solid, loving, lasting relationship with our daughter.  Had our relationship been less, I wonder what stress these past months might have brought.  Stress like we’ve known over these past months either shows the strength of our relationships or exposes their weaknesses.

I also believe the same is true with our relationship with God.  If things are on a solid, loving, lasting setting, stress over things such as Covid-19 are met with unwavering trust.  If things are on a shaky foundation, they can end up unraveling.  It is true; God is unchanging.  But, if in our hearts, we haven’t built our relationship with God on that bedrock, we can end up unsure God cares when times get tough.

God wants to spend quality time with you.  God wants to be part of the days and times when you are most content and excited about life and the thrills it has to bring.  God wants to be with you in your celebrations, as well as your times of trial.  Take the time to build your relationship with God.  You will be glad you did!

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Don