Trinity Sunday Worship & 2020 Graduate Sunday

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We are happy you are here to watch this worship video, and we at Utica UMC want you to know it is the hope of our church that you find this worship service to be inspiring, challenging and that it speaks deeply to you of the love Christ Jesus has for you! Through the scriptures, the music, and the message, we hope you will know more fully how passionately God is in love with you! (Scroll all the way down for announcements!!)

Questions to consider after hearing the message:

  • Who in your life is struggling to find peace?
  • Who do you know whose joy has been sapped by the twists and turns of life?
  • In your coming and going, who have you come across who is questioning their purpose in this life?


In-Person Worship Plans:
We are working on plans to re-open in-person worship here at our building.  To be able to make this happen, we are going to need to make some adjustments and will need volunteers to come and work at the church in advance of re-opening.  Please call Charlotte in the church office if you want to help: 586-731-7667

Drive-In Worship Service:
We are working on plans to offer drive-in worship beginning on June 21st.  This worship format will have us gather in our vehicles, and tune in to an FM signal in our cars to hear the music and the message.  I invite you to pay attention to the upcoming newsletters for further details. 

Office Hours:
Our office is returning to our regular hours of staffing on Monday, June 8, 2020 (M-Th 8am-4pm; F 8am-2pm).  Please plan to observe social distancing and wearing a face mask if you come in person to the office.