Weekly Devotional – “Isolation” (3/21/20)


Some of us, the older ones, and those who have been exposed to the virus, have been told to remain in our homes for 14 days alone without any outside contact other than by phone or social media.  This is a challenge for some of us who are used to being out and about, shopping, eating out, running errands, and visiting friends.  This is how we cope with the isolation that normally comes with aging.  

My grandson came over and took out the rubbish on rubbish day; we communicated by phone and caught up on what was happening with each other.  My son brought me groceries and left them in the garage where I could easily reach them.  We then talked on the phone with him standing by his car over 20 feet away.  I was happy to see him, but missed the hugs. The “love you” was still exchanged, just not the physical hug, but I felt it just the same.  My granddaughters and daughter have offered to help any way they can and have checked on us.  Soon we may be on “shelter in place.”  This will also change everything once again, as everyone will be confined to their homes.  However, I know that as long as I have a phone, I will still receive the hugs and the love.  

Now I will reveal just how old I am.  I remember other times, times of people hoarding, times of rationing, times of epidemics and enforcement of restrictions.  During WWII, we could not buy butter, meat was restricted, nylons were not available, many food items were scarce and everything from gas to cigarettes was rationed.  This was because of the war effort.  We had to provide for those who were protecting us.  I am sure there were those who resented it, I just didn’t know them.  We did what we had to do for our country.  During the Polio epidemics we were not allowed to go into large crowds or to beaches or pools.  We knew these rules were to keep us safe.  I have to say that during these epidemics, never did I hear that there weren’t enough Iron Lungs or that Medical people would be forced to decide who would live or die.  My Mother always said, “There are blessings in everything”.  I see that now, with parents reconnecting with their children, cooking together and talking together, playing games together.  Parents homeschooling and all admitting that teachers aren’t paid enough. We will get through this and we will know that God is with us, in our loss and in our gain.  Jesus spent 40 days alone in the wilderness, fasting and praying and then was tempted to abandon his mission and succumb to the Devil’s rewards.  Jesus, in his refusal gave us an example of love and faithfulness.  God will bless us, and he will keep us in his care. 

“It is written man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

Matthew 4:4

“In this world you may have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world!”

John 16:33b

Lord be with those who are ill, those who are suffering, those who are mourning, those who are separated from loved ones. May they be comforted. Help us as we continue to be the church, may we show your love and mercy to all we meet.  May we serve as an example to others. Be with us when we fail.  Be with our Pastor and bless his ministry. Be with his family and loved ones.  Be with our leaders and staff and guide them.  Help us as we find new ways to be the church. Inspire us, fill us, lead us. May we truly be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. It is in his name we pray. Amen

Grace Epperson