Weekly Devotional – “Longing for What Was”


 I have three grandchildren; two girls from my daughter, and a boy from my son. I was fortunate to spend time with them when they were little, and often did. I would drop my grandson off with his mom and take the girls to meet their mother. I am blessed that my grandson lives close by and stops by once a week to visit with us. The others live some distance away, in Illinois, so I don’t get to see them as often.  Last week, I decided to do some shopping and was led to a store that holds a lot of memories for me.  It is the store where I would often meet my daughter for dinner. I would bring the two granddaughters to the restaurant, and my daughter would meet us after work.  I did some shopping and then went to lunch. Having a new great granddaughter gives one an excuse to go shopping. At lunch I sat at a familiar table and watched a young girl with a Barbie Doll with very long hair.  This brought back a memory of my granddaughters when they decided, for whatever reason, to give all their Barbie Dolls a haircut.  They got in a lot of trouble that day. This prompted me to text my granddaughter to ask how things were going and to tell her there was a young girl with a Barbie with very long hair and I told her she needed a haircut (I hadn’t).  I got a laugh back and reassurance that all was well; mom, dad, baby and toddler are all doing fine. As a bonus I received pictures, always a wonderful treat.  She seemed to know that Grandma was feeling nostalgic and yearning for those days when she didn’t have to ask how things were because she was right there helping and spending time with all of them.  I miss that, but time went by and they all grew up.  This grandma is so grateful that she was able to have that special time with them.

“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done.” 

 1 Chronicles 16:11-12: 

 Lord, we thank you for the memories that we keep and the way they bless our lives. Be with our church that we may be a blessing to others. Be with our Pastor, bless his ministry and keep watch over him and his family.  Be with our staff and leaders, bless them and keep them. Be with those who are suffering illnesses and those that are grieving, comfort them.  Be with those that seek you, may they find you within our doors.  We pray in Jesus name. Amen

Grace Epperson