Progress, We’re Making Progress!!!


I wanted to let folks know the group of folks working on the “Church Unique” process is making progress. We have written a new mission/vision statement, and will soon have our core values established, too. With the help of two talented navigators, the team of folks from UUMC is working diligently. We invite the church family to keep the process in prayer. 

An invitation 

I have happened upon several conversations regarding the news of the proposed “Protocol for Separation.” It has become clear to me people have questions as to what might happen at the upcoming General Conference in May. I believe it is a good thing for our members to wonder how things might turn out. I also think it is part of my responsibility as your pastor to offer as much of my understanding of these matters as possible. 

To that end, I will be making a presentation to those interested on Sunday, March 1st, at 3 pm. We will gather in the Fellowship Hall. After I present to you what I understand, I will take questions to clarify the presentation. Just as was the case when I offered a study on the issues facing the Special General Conference last year, this will be a chance to gain an understanding, not an opportunity to help others see why your position is the “right” position. 

Grace and Peace, 

Rev. Don