Weekly Devotional: “Scam Phone Calls”


We have all received them… The phone calls that threaten that Police, Sheriff, IRS, or DEA will be at your house shortly to arrest you if you don’t make arrangements for payment, or that your Social Security has been compromised, or that your name has come up in a drug crime, or that the Police need donations for death benefits for Officers who die in the line of duty, or the firefighters need money. The list goes on and on!  Last week, I received one of these calls from someone saying he was my Grandson.  When I asked who was calling, he said he was my grandson and didn’t I know his voice?  I said it doesn’t sound like Jimmy… The caller said that he had a cold and would be going to the doctor in a few days if he wasn’t better.  But, my Jimmy doesn’t have an accent!  We chatted for a minute and I finally said “this isn’t my grandson”, then hung up.  About a half hour later the phone rang again -same number, same voice.  I answered again and when he said he was my Grandson, I said, “Michael?” (I don’t have a grandson named Michael.)  He said yes, and when I asked, “Where are you?” he replied, “Well, I have a surprise for you, I’m In Washington, Michigan.” I said, “What Mile Road are you at?”  Silence greeted me for a few seconds, he chuckled and then hung up. I was actually enjoying our little farce.  He hadn’t asked me for money yet, but I knew it was coming.  My grandson has assured me he will never call me if he is in jail in a foreign country, or has been in an accident and needs money in the form of gift cards. He will call his Father.  The calls were coming from a cell phone with an area code from Vancouver, BC.  

We live in a world where we are unsure about who to trust.  We are wary of those around us.  I took my husband for a haircut and a man came in with a young son.  The man had a gun carried openly on his side.  I felt intimidated and a little leery of this man.  I did not know him or what might set off his anger.  I have a very real fear of guns caused, I am sure, by an incident in my young teens.  Our world has changed, and we must be careful of where we are, who we are near, and don’t forget to check for exits. Growing up, bad things happened to be sure, but I did not fear walking up to a strange door and asking to use the phone when my car broke down.  I would never do that now nor would anyone let me in to their home to use the phone. I know, most people don’t have a land line in their home. Our world may have changed but there is one who never changes and in these times -one who we can trust: God is his name. 

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God trust also in me. 

 John 14:1

Lord, I miss trust, but I know that I can trust you and your word. Be with those who hunger for you may they find you. Be with those who are grieving may they be comforted. Be with those who are in want, may they be filled. Be with our church, may we be your church. Be with our Pastor and staff and our leaders, may they find your peace, wisdom and discernment. We pray in Jesus name, Amen

Grace Epperson