What Now? – By Peggy Miller


We have now completed the 8th year of our S.T.A.R.S., XCEL, and Beyond XCEL program season! It has been a great year! This year, we had one site director, five interns, and numerous volunteers dedicated to our program. We had 40 children involved in our programs, five of which were part of our first time senior high sessions. This means that 40 children knew they would be in a positive environment, surrounded by loving adults, for 24 days out of their summer. They knew that for those 24 days they would have two full meals prepared just for them. They could relax knowing their days were planned and structured with their best interests in mind. They knew there would be time every day to pray and time to hear about the God who loves them unconditionally. They knew they would be safe and could depend on those in charge. They knew they would have a reason to laugh and smile -every day, for 24 days. 

I know from experience that the 6 weeks of programming can be big chunk of time for everyone involved, but it sure doesn’t seem as big when you look at it as only 24 days in the life of a child. 

So what now?

I think the answer is simple: one day at a time. Just add to the 24 days, 1 day at a time.

August is the time we typically offer VBS (Vacation Bible School) to those in our congregation and our community. For the last several years, we have scheduled VBS to begin on a Friday with dinner, include a sleepover for those 7 years and older, offer breakfast, programming, lunch, and be dismissed at 4:00pm on Saturday. 

24 hours. 
1 day. 

As of now, we don’t have anyone lined up for VBS. We will need someone to decide a date and theme, someone to search online or in our stock for appropriate lessons, another to organize a couple crafts, and another to select activities. As always, we will need kitchen help, registration help and in this instance, over-night people. Financial support is always welcome as well!

Do you have the time to change the day for a child? Time to change the 24 to 25? Please call the church office with the way you would like to help. 

Peggy Miller