An Unexpected Blessing


A letter written by Rev. Don Gotham on 6/14/2019

Last weekend I noticed the loss of what I thought was part of a filling.  I had no pain, and chewing didn’t seem to cause me any problems.  I thought I would just deal with it, but my wife encouraged me to go and get it looked at before I headed to my first retreat.  Wisely, she counseled me to consider the problem I would be in if the rest of the filling gave way while I was so far from our dentist.

I called the dentist’s office, and they fit me in on what is supposed to be the lunch break for the dentist.  While enjoying the usual small talk with our dentist, he asked me about my summer plans.  This gave me a chance to tell him about the plans I have for renewal this summer.  When I told him where my first retreat was going to take place, he shared with me about an impacting book he’d recently read.  It was the story of a business leader who had taken a retreat at the same Augustine monastery I will be heading to on Sunday.  Our dentist is a Christian and was very intrigued by my summer plans.

He took a look at the pictures the dental assistant had taken of my tooth and was able to see that I had not damaged the filling, but only a small portion of the tooth.  The damage was so minor he only needed to take a burr and smooth out the rough part of my tooth.  I was so pleased, for I had dreaded the process of having a shot to numb my tooth, the drilling out of the old filling, and the odd sensation when they pack the new filling into the void they create.

While I had dreaded the experience, it turned out to be the briefest dental procedure I can remember.  No shot, no drilling, no new filling was needed.  A quick procedure with the burr and I was on my way.  Not only that, but the cashier waved me on, telling me my insurance would take care of the procedure.

I drove home, thanking God for the whole experience.  What I had dreaded turned out to be an unexpected blessing.  I pray you also experience unexpected blessings this summer, and that you find the benefit of realizing them and thanking God for them! 

“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”  2 Corinthians 9:8

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Don