Each Thursday 6:30 PM 

Sometimes the hurts, hang-ups and habits that children struggle with go unnoticed. That’s why Celebration Place is so important. It’s a place where children ages K-5th grade can discover their own pathway to healing. 

With structure, love, discipline, and guidance, we hope to help children to develop life skills that will be vital in their times of struggle and daily life. Celebration Place is designed to equip children with practical coping techniques, strategies, and values to prevent the development of unhealthy coping mechanisms. We like to think of it as “PREcovery.” 

Celebration Place gives children… 

  • Hope for all the amazing things God has in store for them.
  • Truths that help them overcome life’s challenges by learning to lean on Jesus. 
  • Joy as they embark on a wonderful, year-long journey of songs, games, videos, impactful experiences, and great conversation. 
  • Friendships with other children. 

Celebration Place is a 52-week program that mirrors the Celebrate Recovery one-year, large group teaching schedule and curriculum plan. This means that while adults explore topics that bring healing and wholeness at Celebrate Recovery, their kids are discovering the same truths in age-appropriate ways at Celebration Place. 

Designed for 5 to 13 year-olds, Celebration Place gives children everything they need in making Jesus the foundation of their lives; break cycles of dysfunction; and join their parents in forgiveness and healing.


Weekly lessons follow a two-hour schedule that includes songs, small groups, crafts, learning centers, games, teaching times, and free play. Every lesson closes with a time of commitment, reflection, or worship-and the child version of the Serenity Prayer.

During small groups, kids use their Celebration Place Journals to get in touch with their feelings and record their thoughts. Then kids out their Celebration Place Journal pages and take home the family conversation starter that’s included on the reverse side. This unique aspect of the journal opens the door to healing communication by teaching kids to talk to each other, talk to God, and talk to their parents.

For further information, contact:

Robert or Patsy Clark
Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leaders 
(586) 566-1341

Email: celebrate.recovery@uticaumc.org