Grace’s Weekly Devotional – “Short-Changed”


This week while out and about on errands I stopped for a coffee. I don’t actually like coffee but with flavoring and whipped cream it is quite good, and I have developed a taste for flavored coffee and have always liked whipped cream.  The girl asked if I would like my receipt and I wanted to check my balance, so I said yes.  When she handed me the receipt, I noticed that I had been charged $14.95 for a cup of coffee.  I called her back and asked her to correct this.  She apologized and took care of it.  Next, I was going past the Krispy Crème Donuts and thought it would be nice to have donuts for breakfast for my husband (of course).  Promising myself to not eat them in the car I stopped and ordered 6.  When I paid, the girl quoted the price about $8. I gave her a $20. She gave me back $5 and some coins.  I called her back to the window and told her this wasn’t correct.  She immediately corrected it and gave me the correct amount back.  I often don’t pay much attention trusting others to do their job. And quite frankly, I found it interesting that neither of these people argued with me but immediately corrected the problem.   As I was thinking about this the daily devotional came to mind.  I had not read it in a few days.  I don’t always give my faith the time and attention it needs and deserves. Life gets in the way, lazy habits get in the way, selfishness gets in the way.  I short-change God and he trusts me to do my job. I pray daily and I call him into my life daily, but I don’t learn and grow daily.  When I could get out of the house freely, I was often involved in a study group and then when I became more confined, I studied independently but gradually I have allowed other things to take me away from even that.  Sometimes we need to go back and do better and rearrange our priorities. 

Psalm 143:8-10 Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul. Rescue me from my enemies, O Lord. For I hide myself in you. Teach me to do your will, for you are my God, may your good spirit lead me on level ground.

Lord, help us to do better. To study your word and learn your lessons. Be with those who are suffering, those who are grieving for a life that is changing, be with those who hunger for you may they be fed. Be with our church may we be the hands and feet of Christ. Be with our Pastor, our staff and our leaders may they find strength and perseverance for the tasks before them.  We ask your blessings upon them and upon our church. 

Grace Epperson