Celebration Place

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A Celebrate Recovery Ministry

What is Celebration Place?

Have you ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had a place to give focused time and attention to our kids who are struggling or simply have questions on how to deal with life? A place where we offer support and encouragement, pray with them and teach them skills to cope with their life circumstances…?”

Well, Celebration Place is that place!  

Celebration Place:

  • Is a Bible-based support group program for children aged 5-12 years
  • Equips children with tools to manage stress through games, crafts, skits, Bible stories and memory verses
  • Provides a safe place to engage in small group discussions and prayer
  • Is a 52-week complementary children’s program to the adult Celebrate Recovery program where children explore the same truths that bring healing and wholeness as the adults, but in age appropriate ways.

We are hoping to be able to launch in January, however, we need YOUR HELP. Carol Sunman will be the Celebration Place leader. She has been trained and currently leads at Stoney. We’ll need 3-4 more committed adults for CP to be successful. The need is there -say a prayer and if it is in your heart to work with the children, please reach out!

For further information, contact:

Robert or Patsy Clark
Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leaders
(586) 566-1341

Carol Sunman
Celebration Place Ministry Leader
(586) 726-1808

Email: celebrate.recovery@uticaumc.org