Together in Mission

The missions committee at Utica United Methodist Church enthusiastically functions under the acronym of T.I.M. – Together in Missions.  It is this acronym that best describes the hearts and efforts of our committee and congregation. T.I.M. preforms three roles in bringing the needs of our community, our country, and our world to the congregation for their participation.

We oversee the selection of the Missionaries our church will support; which organizations, charities, and special projects to aid; and organize educational moments and events to meet these needs.

Over the years we have helped to support Missionaries in Africa, Vietnam, and right here in Michigan, We have sent teams of volunteers to help build a school in Haiti, and repair homes in the Appalachian Mountains. We have organized the sale of door mats and sandals, made by the homeless from tires collected on vacant lots in Detroit; proceeds to aid in feeding and clothing the homeless.  WE have brought in speakers from crisis centers and women’s shelters. We annually take vans full of donations down south for aid the needy during the Christmas holiday season.

Utica UMC is a congregation filled with people who yearn to learn about the needs of their neighbors – those of our community and those throughout the world. We are a congregation that rises again and again to meet the needs of those neighbors – with our volunteer efforts, products of our various talents, frequent prayer and financial aid.

If you are a person who is curious or caring, enthusiastic or energetic, loving or longing to live the example of Jesus Christ in your life – T.I.M. is a home for your heart.