Utica United Methodist Church can accommodate weddings up to 300 guests in our Sanctuary


Weddings can be scheduled up to 15 months in advance for church members and 9 months in advance for non-members. All weddings must be booked at least three months in advance. Once you’ve chosen a date, typically, your rehearsal will be scheduled for the day prior to your wedding at 6:30 p.m.


Please contact the office for an updated fee schedule and deposit requirements. There are fees for the pastor, wedding coordinator, church organist, sound technician, custodian and building use. Fees must be paid in full prior to your wedding date, usually when the marriage license is brought to the church. 


The ordained pastor of Utica United Methodist Church will officiate all weddings. Another pastor may assist at the invitation of the pastor of Utica UMC.


We don’t call these meeting “counseling” sessions. They are conversations that provide an opportunity to explore your faith, discover your strengths, choose a wedding ceremony, and prepare for the wonderful gifts that you provide to each other. You will meet three to four times with the pastor performing your wedding. Conversations are confidential and informal.

Please contact the church office for further information if you are interested in being married at Utica UMC by phone or via email to: