STARS Summer Program

What is S.T.A.R.S.?

S.T.A.R.S. is an exciting program at Utica United Methodist Church led by specially trained young adults.  S.T.A.R.S. consists of:

Students in our community who are 7-12 years old are our focus. We will meet Monday - Thursday for 6 weeks in the summer. Each day begins with breakfast and will include snack and lunch. The theme and focus of the week are pre-planned and we will use a variety of ways to lead the children to understand the theme.

Talents of each child will be explored, emphasized and developed throughout the program.  We understand each child is unique and brings with them their own individual talents.  It is our goal to incorporate and use those talents.

Activities will be used to allow everyone to try something new and enjoy many old favorites. Activities are a great way to earn about ourselves and each other. Some of our activities will be off-site, within walking distance or requiring transportation. In any instance we will handle all of the arrangements and costs.

Recreation is vital to help children develop physically.  Sportsmanship, good conduct, fair play and patience are all good life skills which can be learned through recreation. Our leaders will dedicate time every day to group and individual recreation time.

Scripture is the inspiration for this program.  Discovering what the Bible tells us about everyday life is one of the skills we will help the students develop. "Why are we here?"  "Do I matter?"  "Is anyone listening?" are all questions pre-teens struggle with. A daily time of scripture study and devotion will teach them where to look for the true answers.

Along the way there will be time for tutoring to supplement school preparedness and plenty of craft projects, games and, of course, our weekly outings...ALL free of charge!