I remember asking enough questions as a child to bring my exasperated parents to the point of responding by simply saying, “Because.”  I know some parents offered “Because I said so,” but my folks simply said, “Because.”  I wasn’t a big fan of that response, but I also came to know they had reached the end of their patience with me, and I had better simply accept the response, and leave the matter alone.

On Sunday, we are beginning a seven week preaching series which I am titling “Because.”  The first week we will talk about our calling to have compassion for the unchurched.  We as a congregation need to fulfill this calling because the unchurched are a priority to Jesus. 

It is my hope this series will not result in anyone feeling like they are approaching a parent who has come to the end of their patience.  Rather, my goal is that the truths we learn will spark conversation, and help our church to become resolute in fulfilling our calling.  From time to time, each of us needs to be reminded of central truths, and to strive with new energy to follow where God is leading.

As I reflect on the people who shared God’s love with me, I know I was not the easiest person to reach.  The process of my coming to faith required others to take an interest in me, and to learn how I saw the world.  I wasn’t much interested in changing my thinking, until they showed me they were interested in why I believed the way I did.  I am eternally grateful they cared enough, and had compassion enough to invest themselves in me, because it made all the difference.

Because the light and love of Christ shone through the patient words and actions of others, I came to faith in Christ.  Because they considered me worth their time, I came to know the God who gave everything to make the way for me to spend forever with Him.  Let us find the grace to offer the same to the unchurched.

Because of our calling in Christ,

Rev. Don