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Community Outreach Programs

Here at Utica United Methodist Church, we strive to go beyond the walls of the church to reach out to our community in a variety of ways:

Oil Change Ministry:

Once a year, members from our church team up with another local church to provide free oil change services to single mothers in the surrounding community.

Rally Day:

Each fall, members of the church gather for an annual kick-off celebration, marking the end of summer, and the beginning of new programs provided at the church. But it is much more than that. Before the celebration banquet, members split off into small groups to provide various services around the community. Some ways we reach out to the community on this day are: singing hymns with the residents of a retirement community, baking cookies to deliver to local law enforcement and fire departments, volunteering with the Habitat for Humanity organization, making portable sleeping mats to distribute to homeless people in the area, as well as many others.

CROP Hunger Walk:

This walk is organized by our congregation to raise funds to end hunger at home and around the world. More information about this cause can be found here:

Pride & Shine Day:

Members from our congregation join together with other groups around the community to volunteer with the city of Sterling Heights Pride and SHINE day. This program is designed to provide volunteers for those residents who cannot maintain their property due to illness, physical disability, or age. Various services include, pruning, cleaning up of yard debris, and raking.

Mission Trip

STARS Summer Program

What is S.T.A.R.S.?

S.T.A.R.S. is an exciting program at Utica United Methodist Church led by specially trained young adults.  S.T.A.R.S. consists of:

Students in our community who are 7-12 years old are our focus. We will meet Monday - Thursday for 6 weeks in the summer. Each day begins with breakfast and will include snack and lunch. The theme and focus of the week are pre-planned and we will use a variety of ways to lead the children to understand the theme.

Talents of each child will be explored, emphasized and developed throughout the program.  We understand each child is unique and brings with them their own individual talents.  It is our goal to incorporate and use those talents.

Activities will be used to allow everyone to try something new and enjoy many old favorites. Activities are a great way to earn about ourselves and each other. Some of our activities will be off-site, within walking distance or requiring transportation. In any instance we will handle all of the arrangements and costs.

Recreation is vital to help children develop physically.  Sportsmanship, good conduct, fair play and patience are all good life skills which can be learned through recreation. Our leaders will dedicate time every day to group and individual recreation time.

Scripture is the inspiration for this program.  Discovering what the Bible tells us about everyday life is one of the skills we will help the students develop. "Why are we here?"  "Do I matter?"  "Is anyone listening?" are all questions pre-teens struggle with. A daily time of scripture study and devotion will teach them where to look for the true answers.

Along the way there will be time for tutoring to supplement school preparedness and plenty of craft projects, games and, of course, our weekly outings...ALL free of charge!

XCEL Summer Youth Program

What is XCEL?

XCEL is an extension of the S.T.A.R.S. program at Utica United Methodist Church led by specially trained young adults. Students in our community who are 12-15 years old are our focus. We meet Monday - Thursday for 6 weeks in the summer beginning in June. The XCEL program is free to all, but limited to about 15 students.  Breakfast, lunch , and snacks are provided every day. Students will have a schedule filled with recreation, various activities, and scripture to help them develop skills for everyday life. Once a week, students will also participate in an off-site field trip, accompanied by the program leaders and trained chaperones.Transportation is available to and from the program for those who need it. Please contact Utica UMC by phone or email for more information.

Haiti Missions

Have you ever wanted to travel to a place where you can learn about new people, their culture, their food?  Have you ever wondered why resolving poverty is not as easy as giving someone money?  People who travel to Haiti on Volunteer in Mission trips learn about these things, and they come to an understanding of the complexities of poverty.

Joining a volunteer in mission team with our church is more than going to fix the problems in Haiti.  We eat Haitian food, we learn a bit of the language, we worship in Methodist Churches in Haiti, and we enjoy the beauty of the country from Port au Prince, to the beach, to the glorious mountain vistas.  Our teams work on projects of the Methodist Church of Haiti.  Usually, these projects involve helping to build a school, or a church.

If you are looking for the experience of a lifetime, where you make friends in Haiti, come join us.  If you are open to learning new ways of accomplishing tasks resulting in improved lives, come join us.  If you feel God calling you to make a difference in Haiti, and here at home when you return, come join us.


Together in Mission

The missions committee at Utica United Methodist Church enthusiastically functions under the acronym of T.I.M. – Together in Missions.  It is this acronym that best describes the hearts and efforts of our committee and congregation. T.I.M. preforms three roles in bringing the needs of our community, our country, and our world to the congregation for their participation.

We oversee the selection of the Missionaries our church will support; which organizations, charities, and special projects to aid; and organize educational moments and events to meet these needs.

Over the years we have helped to support Missionaries in Africa, Vietnam, and right here in Michigan, We have sent teams of volunteers to help build a school in Haiti, and repair homes in the Appalachian Mountains. We have organized the sale of door mats and sandals, made by the homeless from tires collected on vacant lots in Detroit; proceeds to aid in feeding and clothing the homeless.  WE have brought in speakers from crisis centers and women’s shelters. We annually take vans full of donations down south for aid the needy during the Christmas holiday season.

Utica UMC is a congregation filled with people who yearn to learn about the needs of their neighbors – those of our community and those throughout the world. We are a congregation that rises again and again to meet the needs of those neighbors – with our volunteer efforts, products of our various talents, frequent prayer and financial aid.

If you are a person who is curious or caring, enthusiastic or energetic, loving or longing to live the example of Jesus Christ in your life – T.I.M. is a home for your heart.