Free Oil Change

A ministry partnership with Trinity Lutheran

“Single Parent Families,” as well as for those receiving Medicaid, or Michigan Bridge Card assistance often need a vehicle to gain access to their health and welfare services.

Maintaining that car is important, but not often possible due to limited funds and other more important – human based – needs, such as food or medicines.
The Free Oil Change Opportunity is available for those individuals without any requirement for them other than to respond by scheduling and keeping an appointment on the day the Free Oil Changes are available, typically on the last Saturday in September, each year.

How can you be involved in providing Free Oil Changes?

If you are interested in any of the following support areas, please Join Us
•    Changing oil – usually a team of two individuals
•    Supplies 
•    Providing (since each vehicle has different requirements, this is a funding opportunity)
•    Obtaining and organizing – matching oil/filter set with each vehicle
•    Driving – moving the vehicles from one changing station to other stations
•    Registration –each guest is welcomed and registered on the Free Oil Change day
•    Car Wash/Clean
•    Tire Pressure and Vehicle check.
•    Lunch for all present at noon (either a funding or catering donation opportunity)
The Free Oil Changes are completed on site in the Utica United Methodist Church Parking Lot.  Each Oil Changing Team must have their own tools.  Ramps, ground covering, towels, oil supplies and recycling, filter supply and recycling will be provided.

How do those in need get involved?
Each year, a free Oil Change Certificate is distributed by the Macomb County Community Mental Health office through the many client service offices in the county.  The clients who obtain a Certificate respond by scheduling an appointment on the day/date indicated and arrive on time.