Children’s Programs

Our children are our future. We owe it to them to provide a safe, loving environment in which to grow and learn. Besides your own home, what better place is there to do this than the church? Utica United Methodist Church has many different ministries where your children can play, make friends, and most importantly, learn about the wonderful world of our Lord.
From the age of three until the time they finish 5th grade, your children can participate in many fun-filled activities that will encourage, teach and inspire them. We also have a wonderful children’s media center where they can borrow books and many other items to reinforce their christian growth.

Children really are our future - as a society and as a congregation. A good, Christ-centered program of activities like the one we have set up here will ensure that the future will be a very exciting time - not just for our children,  but for all of God’s children.

Some of our children’s activities include:

Children’s worship -  for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade during 11:00 worship service

Sunday School - for toddlers through 5th grade during the 9:30 worship service, and for toddlers through preschoolers during the 11:00 worship service

K.I.D.S. - Kids in Dedicated Service - Wednesdays at 4:30 - 6:30 PM during the school year (beginning in Sept. and ending in April) for kids age 4 - 5th grade

Vacation Bible School - Every summer for kids age 4 years - 12th grade

Children's Worship Time & Sunday School

Sunday Morning Programs

We understand that in order to grow a life of faith, faith must fit into our life. There is no better way to grow that life than through worshiping together as a family.  We have found that children who participate in worship and prayer with their families are much more apt to continue that practice. And that is our goal:  to arm our children with faith enough to work, play and grow in the world successfully.

To help achieve this goal, we offer a variety of programs designed to fit your child's needs:

Children's Worship

Children's worship time during the 11:00am Worship Service is open to all children 3 years old through 5th grade. We meet in the Children’s Worship area, room 302, upstairs.  Here, using the Godly Play curriculum model, Bible stories come to life! Wooden figures become The People of God, felt pieces become rivers and grass and a box of sand becomes the desert.  And through it all the children become involved in the stories in a new and unique way. After story time, the children have the opportunity to work in one of the centers: reading, prayer center, puzzles, craft, drawing or modeling clay, just to name a few.

Sunday School

Sunday School begins at approximately 9:45 after Children's time during the 9:30am Worship Service. In Sunday School, children are given a variety of ways to learn of and share God's love. They have a Bible story and scripture verse for the day which will be read and explained.  Games, crafts or other activities will support understanding.  Prayer time in each class is age appropriate and gives children opportunity to talk to God about their own needs or those of others. However the morning goes, you can be sure class time will be filled with friends, fun, and most of all, Christ's love!

Let Me Introduce You... our Sunday morning teachers!

We are excited to have Caitlyn Wilson as our full time caregiver in the Toddler Room. You may drop off your crib through toddler (4 and under) before service or at any time during the service.

*The Crib Room is open for any parent who needs a quiet space during service, but it is not staffed. 

Children's Worship at 11:00

Elementary Classes - begins at 9:45

Lower El: PreK, K,1st & 2nd Grade - Carol Sunman

Upper El: 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade - Debbie MacKool